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Topic subjectRE: Sedation??? LOL!
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21865, RE: Sedation??? LOL!
Posted by delsbrothergeorge, Thu Aug-31-00 06:11 PM
>but I think life is much
>less painful for
>>the ever-emerging middle class than
>>it is for the folks who swing from paycheck to
>Perhaps...but I know some real happy
>paycheck to paycheck people...meet one
>of them - me

***Would not doubt that...But here, I'm talking about economic stress alone...And we all know that this creates other more volatile types of stress

>>On the contrary, the people
>>we currently call leaders continue
>>to feed us a message that we can achieve if
>>we dare to pursue the American Dream. So long as
>>that message resonates in even a small portion of Black America, the revolution will be

>So help me....are you saying that
>we'll be leaderless until our
>current regime stop telling us
>that we can acheive our
>"piece of the pie"??
>I don't think I quite understand
>this. Help a sistah

***In this passage, I'm referring to my own belief that the current leaders tend to lead us according to a certain agenda that may not be in the best interest of all concerned...I don't mean to say "leaderless", but rather leader-deficient where the revolution is concerned...That sentence was pretty tangential and probably strayed from the subject at hand...My bad...

---I'm here---

Rally cry heard at the scene of the Democratic National Convention:

People gonna rise to the top/
Let Mumia go!"