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Topic subjectSedation??? LOL!
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21864, Sedation??? LOL!
Posted by nushooz, Wed Aug-30-00 04:13 AM
but I
>think that black folk who
>get a chance to eat are able to sedate themselves with the spoils of middle
>and upper middle class status.
There's a 12 step program for that too, Brah! :D
>Sure, those material gains do not
>allow them to escape their
This is one of the 12 steps

but I think life is much less painful for
>the ever-emerging middle class than
>it is for the folks who swing from paycheck to
Perhaps...but I know some real happy paycheck to paycheck people...meet one of them - me

>The black middle class suffers a
>different kind of alienation, but
>vehicles such as psychotherapy and
>presciption drugs are becoming increasingly
>available and acceptable as a
>means of dealing with the
>hassles of breathing while black.
Breathing while Black - I Love it!!!! There may be a different kind of alienation but its roots are the same.

>On the contrary, the people
>we currently call leaders continue
>to feed us a message that we can achieve if
>we dare to pursue the American Dream. So long as
>that message resonates in even a small portion of Black America, the revolution will be
So help me....are you saying that we'll be leaderless until our current regime stop telling us that we can acheive our "piece of the pie"??
I don't think I quite understand this. Help a sistah out.

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