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Topic subjectAnd another thing, DelsBro......
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21862, And another thing, DelsBro......
Posted by nushooz, Tue Aug-29-00 03:20 AM
do you think that we can afford to be physically and fiscally detached from one another (Be warned I say that ALOT - and "I mean it! Ride the Maverick) Sure you may have yours (not you speficially...I don't know but I'm talkin about Black folk in general) but at what cost? When you have bought your fine house in the suburbs, there is STILL White Flight......When you drive your fine European Luxury car, there is still Racial Profiling.....When you enroll your children in Private Schools, they are still taught that Black History began WITH SLAVERY.

So, I maitain that whatever economic prizes you might obtain and obstacles over come you are still tied to those poor Black people that haven't "made it".....that brother being pulled over while driving Black, the Black folk at the homeowners association meeting being chastised for having too many cars in their yard on Sunday with "ball playin", that child being called "nigger" by her 1st grade class mate who's family owns a chain of department stores. So why not attach yourself to their struggle....it's still YOUR struggle.

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