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21858, please read...
Posted by BooDaah, Thu Aug-24-00 01:46 PM
healthy discussion is wonderful. disagreement is cool too, but one thing we like to maintain is respect.

you don't have to like, or comply with any suggestion or comment made, but for the sake of decorum could we please leave "kiss my ass" (and similar comments) elsewhere? as was said, sometimes folk play like that, which is cool, but because of the impersonality of the 'net, sometimes humor is lost. similarly, rather than start unnecessary beef, why not just ignore any suggestion you take umbrage to?

we all appreciate the sharing of ideas, hopefully resulting in attaining some greater level of understanding and enlightenment, but what positive result could come from disrespect?

i'm not coming down on anyone, iand plenty of others) just want this to remain a place where folk can build without all that bull.


BooDaah-OkayActivist Moderator
Sister SheRise's Activist Stew Recipe:
Step1:inform yourself step/Step2:inform others/Step3:discuss the problem/Step4: DISCUSS SOLUTIONS/Step5:EXECUTE SOLUTIONS/Step6:evaluate the results/Step7:start over at 1 until desired result is accomplished.