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Topic subjectMy fellow Piscean (unohoo I'm talkin to)
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21846, My fellow Piscean (unohoo I'm talkin to)
Posted by nushooz, Tue Aug-22-00 07:36 AM
>But as I say that let me say this, I think
>that black people have come to a strange point in time in America where they
>are slowly getting out there and fending for themselves.
But, Uno, I can't beleive that's so. If you've ever read anything that I've written, you know that my philosophy is that Black folk cannot afford physical or fiscal detachment. We are joined together by our skin tone regardless of any socioeconomic status. So, with that we still gotta be about pulling the next person up. Ask Oprah.....to some folk we still "niggaz" and will treat you that way (who, by the way, understands the importance and the responsibility of pulling somebody else up - Oprah that is)

You can try and fend for yourself and actually I encourage it. But whatever success you obtain they are not void of the strengths of Black folk or without the stigma of Black folk.

>The though process might
>be I don't need to surround myself in blackness,
What's the alternative?

>I don't need to see to another man's struggle anymore because our collective struggles have
>become more individual, more seperated
I cannot agree with that. (But you still my boy though)

Until we all get ovah' ain nobody goin' no where.

Live from the Shoe Sto'

I,I, I Can't Wait!