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Topic subjectU know, Uno....
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21844, U know, Uno....
Posted by nushooz, Tue Aug-22-00 02:54 AM
I have a desire to be lead - and what I mean is that I desire someone who speaks for me...like King did. When I look at those times, I see them as the worst but yet the best times for Black folk. We came together.

So, I say that to say, when Al Sharp-tongue arrived on the scence he was brash and "in yo' face" and I thought in the back of my mind - 'here's somebody who can speak to the problems of Black people in America who doesn't appear to have any fear' BUT THEN, I began to see him in them tired sweat suits. My word! Fashion's important to me. But I beleived Tawanna. But he was always on TV. The media did a number on him and Tawanna. I allowed them to discredit him. And now as I look back on it, I beleive that was their purpose. So, I've overcome what I thought about Brother Al. AND, U're right. He has done a little changing...he's in yo' face but not so much in yo face. n/m?

And let's not even talk about Jessie.....

Man, Uno, I see these articles in Ebony outlining and listing our "new leaders." When are these people gonna step up? And when are people like Jessie going to step down?

Do you think that a formal "passing of the baton" would help? If Jessie and Al endorsed a couple of people and allowed them to take the forefront? What's the answer?

And I realize that we are all leaders. But in the bigger picture - like I reminded the other person in this discussion "we can all sing together but we can't all talk together"

Sorry this has turned into a dissertation.

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