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Topic subjectAh-ight, U ain got2
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21842, Ah-ight, U ain got2
Posted by nushooz, Mon Aug-21-00 09:25 AM
like Ilyanla. Hell (I know this is Black female blasphemy at it's worst) but I really ain that crazy 'bout her myself....all dem damn books...saying the same damn thing..... (rant, rave, rant.....) But at least she came up with SOMEBODY who most Black women could rally around and find some cohesive strength in.
(There's that word again -COHESIVE. I keep sayin' it but nobody seems to be listening...rant, rave, rant....)

But I'm with you on the Jessie kick. "Keep hope alive" was good in its day. But my politically conscious appetite requires more than rhetoric that rhymes.

But lemme ask you this...do you think Rev. Al has changed or have you changed and he's just grown on you AND/OR he's the best of the most vocal & focal "Black" leaders????

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