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Topic subjectUhhh hell no...
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21841, Uhhh hell no...
Posted by unohoo, Mon Aug-21-00 05:54 AM
..as far as the suggestion for Ilyana Vanzant. I know she connects with the Oprah crowd, but she does nothing for me and I wouldn't want her to lead me in anything more significant than the line at a bbq.

The thing is, black leadership is about as slim as it can get. (if we're talking about national leaders) I mean Jesse Jackson, just seems to be a joke to me now, his political weight seems to come from his association with white media. The causes he has championed as of late have been less than admirable, and his rhetoric always seems recycled and slightly dated. Al Sharpton has surprisingly gained a little more respect in my book when I consider that I used to look at him simply as a media whore. (which I still think he is to a degree)

I will say this though, the men have been at the helm of this particular position for too long. While I wouldn't put Ilyana, I would be more willing to follow the women in politics before some of our esteemed gents like John Lewis as well as J.C. Wattts and even Colin Powell. Maxine Waters is a good start I think.

what's my muthafucking name?....