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Topic subjectYes, damn good question!
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21838, Yes, damn good question!
Posted by nushooz, Fri Aug-18-00 05:07 AM
and no I ain got no answers.

I think this should have been apart of that "building your own leaders" post. I think that if we could find somebody that would call us to the kind of cohesiveness that makes things happen and causes people to follow, then we can be active participants in the "picking" of the best leader for us.

Cuz NOW Bush may be hinting toward being remotely concerned about the things that influence minorities BUT THIS IS AN ELECTION!!!!
Will it last? I doubt it. But maybe we'll get a chance to see.

What is it going to take for us to get some cohesion? The problems of the Latinos are the problems of the Negros (don't normally use this word but alliteration is A GOOD THING :) )
What's the problem? How bout this.....could we pick somebody here at OKP that represents US? Could the mere hundreds of people that come here be cohesive enough to say WE ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR - WHOEVER - ???????

Think on that....get wid' me.

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