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Topic subjectB/c they buy the music it don't mean it's theirs.....
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21833, B/c they buy the music it don't mean it's theirs.....
Posted by nappiness, Fri Sep-01-00 09:19 AM
i'm responding to this post having not read any other responses so i apologize if i am repeating already voiced views.
a. music is music and if u r a true music lover then u base your like dislike on the music, it's message, production, yadda yadda yadda.
b. so do white folks have a place....my personal opinion aside, they have a place b/c they are the ones who actually buys the music/clothes/advertising space/etc. They are the money behind the game. Black folks do bootleg, borrow it, tape it from the radio and various other means of getting our music through the "informal economy". but many of us also are po'(oor) and ain't got no loot to be buying no cds or tapes.
c. white folks exploiting Black people now that't bullshit. hip hop culture has blown the fuck up and white folks are the ones making most of the money. behind every puffy there is a clive davis getting paid stupidily off of Black culture and music. Yes I do feel that HIPHOP in its origin is Black and Latino/a. now if other folks and cultures want to listen then cool but i don't feel the need for us to give a special invitation and tend to white folks. just like white folks getting mad if common or d' shuns them at concerts. um, haven't u heard there music haven't you read their articles haven't u browsed this website. it is blatant and clear as day that common is homophobic and is into Black women. so why on God's green earth are you amazed when he doesn't want to touch yo hand or bring u on stage. u decided to be a common fame and buy his music although u KNEW how he feels about u. so why be amazed. (i apologize in advance for saying this with no tack)
d. we can't have shit to/for ourselves and that irritates the shit out of me.
e. it's like we need white folks to be/feel validated.
f. russel simmons talking about he has expanded and it's not only Black culture, to hell it isn't. It is our culture and others have bit off it and have joined the band wagon.
g. white folks listened to p.e. thinking they knew and understand the Black experience in america. folks listening to mos def talking about i luvs he. fool u don't know or understand.
okay i am going to stop here b/c i can snap off some more but i won't.
ms. nappiness
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"If your intent is to hurt someone else's feelings for the sake of making yo'self look like a 'supastar', rethink your intent."
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