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21832, RE: Lemme say somethin........
Posted by nappiness, Fri Sep-01-00 12:53 PM
amen....i agree with what you've said and to add to that. i get my views mostly from teh experiences i had on a predominately white college campus and a white college town and a white state, iowa. not until then had i breathed and lived white people. so my views aren't based upon simply being in a classroom with them. it's based upon talking to them on all levels and being their room mates and working with them and being their housemates. it was different than being home in a predominately Black environment where i eat, live, breathe, sleepp Black and only go to school with white or compete against them in competitions.
i speak from experience not hear say......
"If you are an asshole keep your thoughts to yourself"
"If your intent is to hurt someone else's feelings for the sake of making yo'self look like a 'supastar', rethink your intent."
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