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Topic subjectLemme say somethin........
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21831, Lemme say somethin........
Posted by guest, Wed Aug-30-00 10:04 AM
All you white people go pick up a copy of Gil Scott Herons poem, "Aint no new thing" on Napster or on CD or something and take a real good listen to it. I am by no means a racist, I am a realist. You see, white people dont understand racism, because they are accepted by society.

Perfect example: "Why do we need BET? If there was a WET, wed be called racist!"

Ignorance. Put yourselves in a black persons shoes..... Now, turn on the TV. Channel 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and on and on and on. What do you see?? If your in black shoes, you see something that does not mirror who and what you are.

Imagine walking into a room with braids and everyone saying "Is that your real hair""Wow, how do they do that""Thats a work of art" And petting your hair as if you were a monkey on display in a window.

If you were in black shoes, you would constantly be reminded that you were different. But, you would have to deal with it, because "thats the way the world is" You would know all about white peoples hair and customs, because you have to, its shoved down your throat.

Dont talk to us about racism. You have 75 WET's, we got one to represent us.

And there are no truly multi racial channels, because you dont want to see that.

Sorry if the truth hurts. I still love you tho, I cant hate you, because you lack empathy.... Peace...... Kamikazee

******Yo, ask me bout Societal Evolution. Any body want it keep in touch, Ill be finished soon...Kamikazee

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"The second somebody dies, somebody else is born, somebody celebratin while other people mourn, home may be home to you, but to me its foreign, even the matador dont pull the bull by the horn, one mans enemy is another mans friend, one mans poison is another mans medicine......"-Aceyalone