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Topic subjectRE: Why not?
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21822, RE: Why not?
Posted by k_orr, Wed Aug-30-00 10:50 AM
>I was wondering why you don't
>want white people to buy
>hip hop music

I don't think that is the real issue.

(it seems
>like that's what you're suggesting).
> I mean, how is
>it that these listeners
>pose a threat to the
>integrity of the culture?

I got a great story. Have you heard of Organized Konfusion and Hollywood Basic?

Basically back in 1994, Hollywood basic wanted to cash in on the Tag Team's Whoomp there it is. They were going to release a Mickey Mouse version of the popular song.

This happened to coincide with the release of Organized Konfusion's 2nd Lp.

Obviously the market for Stress the Extinction Agenda and Mickey Mouse are 2 different ones. Which one did they pursue, and which one fell by the wayside?

You guessed it. Going after white suburban children dollars they failed to promote what would be considered a classic album by many underground hip hop heads.

White businessmen ultimately see more money in the hands of white kids and their parents than they with black kids and black parents. Regardless of the fact that the black community is the core audience of all black music.

The white individual is apart of a larger white aggregate, the ideal target market. So it is very concievable that white record companies will cater to these listeners. I'm sure other folks in the industry can comment on how white folks dictate what music will be released and pushed on mass media outlets.

We also can't forget that the soundscan stats that run the industry are largely from suburban malls that cater to who, you guessed it, white folks.

Does it worry folks when white folks control black/brown folks art?

k. orr
house of phat beats