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Topic subjecthere's my take on it
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21818, here's my take on it
Posted by murph25, Wed Aug-30-00 10:02 PM
I'm not going to try to explain or justify the behavior of Genius in this thread. Frankly, I agree with you that a lot of what he said to you was "foul" and I haven't deemed any of his posts worth responding to. I didn't intend to jump into the middle of your argument.

I was more interested in hearing what you thought about race and hiphop. I responded to your posts because a. I found your ideas on the issue interesting (if controversial) and b. I did not fully understand the argument behind what you were suggesting.

If you want to keep discussing these issues, that would be great. I got a lot out of reading k_orr's posts below, and am still trying to carry on a meaningful discussion of the issues you raised.

I think there is more to the issue than your argument with genius suggests, and

>I don't know what you want
>me to say. Let
>me ask you something why
>is that these white people
>on this board feel like
>they can say anything they
>want. If your going to
>say something foul to me
>your damn right I'm going
>to start mudslinging and cussing.