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Topic subjectHey Star, here's the flipside
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21817, Hey Star, here's the flipside
Posted by Genius, Wed Aug-30-00 06:44 PM
Why don't you hear any white people saying stuff like, blacks don't belong in sports or we don't need them to flourish? Aren't blacks taking over sports? Maybe we should get rid of them. Originally sports were all as you would say "white boys". Oh no!! White people everywhere, unite and keep the sports white!!! We can't have this!!

See how ignorant that sounds. That is exactly what you were saying except it was about another entertainment medium. Get what I am trying to say Star? What makes you so bitter?

Another thing, the civil war is over, the slaves were freed!! Did you hear about this?? Call up Marty Mcfly, get your ass in a time machine and join us in the year 2000!!! Ok? I know you won't even read this because you ignored all my other points, but I'm not the racist who needs help, you are.