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Topic subjectSorry one more thing
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21795, Sorry one more thing
Posted by Genius, Wed Aug-30-00 04:19 AM
Also Starberry, you forget about all the Asian, Hispanic, and other races of people who buy and listen to hip hop. Hip hop is huge in Japan. So you go and take all "your" hip hop away from everyone and keep it for yourself and go sell albums out of your trunk "in the hood". We'll see how well you do. Who do you think you are anyway? Grandmaster Flash or Afrika Bambaata? Did you invent hip hop? Are you a pioneer? If you ask any of these old school artists they will most likely say they don't care who listens to their music as long as people listen. You are just a racist who doesn't even deserve to listen to hip hop. That is it for me on this subject, I think I made my point.