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Topic subjectYou have some issues
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21794, You have some issues
Posted by Genius, Wed Aug-30-00 04:05 AM
You have some definite racial issues you need to deal with as well as some facts you need to learn before you start spittin out horseshit. White people take over hip hop? I don't think that will happen. Whites have better things to do than steal "your" hip hop away from you. Just because Eminem is making it big you think all hip hop is going to turn white? That's one rapper out of however many rappers there are in the industry. You must have taken some bad acid if you think what you are saying makes sense. Hot Boys sell more records than Common because its marketed more and is more watered down. I have never met one white person who likes the hot boys anyway, at least not where I am from. You are saying thanks but no thanks? That is just pure ignorance. Also, what have whites taken over? They are going to take over hip hop like they do for everything I think you said. This is so idiotic. Sorry DJ Scratch and Sniff I had to get in one last comment because this starberry person is really getting annoying.