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Topic subjectRE: White people place in Hip-Hop Culture!!
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21790, RE: White people place in Hip-Hop Culture!!
Posted by Genius, Tue Aug-29-00 11:09 AM
If hip hop does not need whites to flourish, then I guess you will have no record label then. You might as well be an independant artist. This comment about whites does not make sense. Sure hip hop will still be made and listened to. But how can you deny the fact that whites listen to and support hip hop and love the music. All of your gold selling artists will not be gold, as well as platinum artists would only go gold. Even if whites only bought 25% of the albums (which isn't true) your precious artists won't be selling that many albums or doing those videos. You are living in a dream world if you think whites don't impact hip hop. In the 80's wasn't it the goal of the artists to get everyone unified under hip hop music. To give people the real story about what's happening where the news people don't go. Hip hop would not be as popular as it is today without white people. Call me crazy, but this is the truth. Hip hop has always strived to be in the spotlight and be accepted by all races, and now that it is, we got ignorant people saying that whites should be banned from hip hop. This is just plain dumb.