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Topic subjectRE: this is pure ignorance...
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21787, RE: this is pure ignorance...
Posted by guest, Wed Aug-30-00 09:41 AM
Homegirl, I think you got me totally wrong, let me explain what Im sayin. So-called white "Heads", or whatever, will go to shows, and for the most part, alot of shows, Ive noticed white dudes and Asians at underground events any more, with a black guy interspersed throughout. So anyways..... They go to THOSE shows and its all to the G, but let them go to a real hip hop show. I mean, I go to Project Blowed down on Crenshaw in LA, and its ALL black folk. Maybe one or two whiteboys, but alot of time they be watchin themselves like "Oh shit, I better not laugh, theres some really big black guys, they might shoot me"

No lie, dont act like it dont happen. Its like the white heads only show up and act normal if its others like them. Im like damn, how you gon listen to a type of music and then be afraid of the people that primarily make it.

And to whoever said somethin like "White people aint stealin black music" I have nothing to say but: Rock n Roll, Jazz......(electronic),(hip hop).

Dont get me started, I love everybody, I love seein whiteboys that are comfortable around us, instead of them standin next to me thinkin "Oh shit, thats a big black Kunta Kinte muhfugga, I better hold my tongue, he might hang me, I better not say the wrong thing"

Lets jus love one another...... Peace.... Kamikazee

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