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Topic subjectthis is pure ignorance...
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21786, this is pure ignorance...
Posted by UrbanCowgRRL, Mon Aug-28-00 07:07 AM
>White people are always the ones
>to say that they want
>to stop racism, etc. etc.,
>blah blah blah, especially all
>you so called "heads", but
>dont even act like if
>you went to a concert
>or a show and it
>was all black people, you
>wouldnt be watching yourself.

ahh hah...so when i'm at the african world festival and there are maybe only 5 others of 'european decent'...i should feel scared...how fucked up is that!?!?....so maybe i should be going with my black friends so i'll look 'down'...so i won't have to watch my back...that's cute...

>Your such hypocrites, for real,
>its also funny how all
>you guys always say "stop
>talking about racial issues...."
>or whatever, and you may
>not realize it, but from
>a black perspective, its a
>constant reminder that they are
>different than mainstream society, you
>dont have that, you fit
>in, its not an issue
>to you. Damn this
>ignorance! Haha. Just
>live. Peace. Kamikazee.

okay now, like starli said...you guys brings along 'us all'...and generalizations are very dangerous....and which 'white HEADZ' do you see up in here not engaging in racial issues?...

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