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Topic subjectRE: Is this post responding to mine?
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21784, RE: Is this post responding to mine?
Posted by guest, Fri Aug-25-00 09:41 PM
Nah, man, it wasnt you, I was talkin to everybody, dont sweat it, I wasnt talkin to you at all, I jus happened to press reply on your statement, sorry for the mixup, peace... Kamikazee

******Yo, ask me bout Societal Evolution. Any body want it keep in touch, Ill be finished soon...Kamikazee

Hit me up if you wanna trade or sell vinyl, E-mail me or IM me if Im ever on, haha, I need more!! MORE!!! Im addicted, get at me and well connect. One love to all my vinyl addicts, keep playin the real ish, peace.

"You cant spend time twice..."-me

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