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Topic subjectIs this post responding to mine?
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21783, Is this post responding to mine?
Posted by murph25, Fri Aug-25-00 12:56 PM
I think there are some good points here, but I'm not sure how this relates to what I've said above. I'll just respond quickly to some of the points.

>Your such hypocrites, for real,
>its also funny how all
>you guys always say "stop
>talking about racial issues...."
>or whatever, and you may
>not realize it, but from
>a black perspective, its a
>constant reminder that they are
>different than mainstream society, you
>dont have that, you fit
>in, its not an issue
>to you.

I said the opposite. I think we need to talk about racial issues more. One of the reasons I appreciate hip-hop is that its one way I can learn about issues like racism that do not affect me on a daily basis the way they affect black people in this country. I'll never know what it is to walk in someone else's shoes, but hearing their P.O.V. makes me a more complete person, and I value that.

As for me feeling uncomfortable in a social situation surrounded by black folks, well I think you're probably right. We all grow up in a racist society, so there's a lot of it ingrained in us. Trying to overcome that socialization is a struggle most people don't care to undertake.

My post was designed to point out the work of Upski, who has talked at length about being "white" and participating in hip hop culture. Seems to me he's actually pretty concerned with the social and political causes that are affecting minorities in America, and he's the first person to admit his faults. If you read his books and feel differently, I'd love to hear why.