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21777, RE: I Started this post to...
Posted by Genius, Thu Aug-24-00 11:35 AM
Ok man, that's good to hear. I wish you would have stated your opinion on the first post you made though. I was unsure as to what you expected us to say. I wasn't sure what angle you were coming from. But that's a shame that you have to see that in Europe. Most of those kids are probably only into hip hop because it is the "cool" thing to like now. I doubt they have been into it for 10 or more years like myself and I'm sure the majority of people on here. Some people like to follow trends and don't listen to music that has meaning to them personally. They just want to wear the gear and talk the slang and try their best to fit in. That would be the only way I could explain that aspect of racism as far as the kids who like hip-hop, but still disrespect blacks. It's sad. Also, maybe, and this is just speculation, that whites see hip hop artists on TV and think they are stars and different from everyday blacks on the street. They have that safe distance between them. Also a great deal of racism is taught by the child's parents and my rub off on them. This is also very unsettling. Its a very hard thing to understand or explain for me. My motto has always been: "Why hate someone based on the color of their skin, because when you really get to know them you can hate them for a whole bunch of other reasons." Oh well. That's enough rambling for me. I'm glad you cleared this up for me. Peace.