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21776, I Started this post to...
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-24-00 11:21 AM
Not to start shit, but to find out what the general opinion out there was. I only know how my community, my friends, and people who walk the same way of life as myself feel about this very sensitive subject. I wanted to get a feel how other people felt. I feel in is postive that so many different cultures "feel" Hip-Hop music and that it could be postive in helping fight the racism that still exists in America and abroad. It is unfortunate that while Black entertainers are among the most popular in the world in Music, Sports, and Acting, Blacks are still forced to endure racism from the same communities that support thier culture. I have been in Europe from the past month, and can not tell you how many times I have heard negitive things about Blacks from the same Teen-agers that have artists like Wyclef, The Roots, etc on their head-phone.

"Now you got white kids calling themselves Nigga" KRS-ONE