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Topic subjectRE: an interesting idea....
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21765, RE: an interesting idea....
Posted by k_orr, Fri Aug-25-00 09:05 AM
>Even though I don't have any
>real facts to back it
>up, I think that we
>(Blacks) abandoned Jazz but Whites
>'stole' Rock and Roll from

It is difficult to say, but here are some factors that I would think about.

- generational difference in taste of music. Perhaps our elders didn't want to get down to the jazz of their parents and embraced R&B.

- younger folks buy more records, and tend to control the radios in the household. Grown folks got more important things to think about.

- maybe it's a watering down effect mentioned earlier. I have seen plenty of cases where my local black folks won't show up, because a lot of white folks are going to be in the spot.

that's all I can think of

k. orr