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Topic subjectGlad you enjoyed yourself
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21756, Glad you enjoyed yourself
Posted by Genius, Thu Aug-24-00 11:43 AM
I had fun too. Good thing I am not doing this during my free time. Its the best thing to do when your trapped in an office building staring out the window at a cloudless day. But I still don't understand what you mean. How am I ignorant of "your culture"? Like you invented it or something. Is there some wendell cuture that was just formed that likes to fuck with people? Oh well man. I'm not ignorant, and I guess I'll just leave you alone for now. I say serious things and you are fucking with me, glad you think its all a joke. How is it cowardly for me to not reveal my whole life story on the internet? I'm a coward for avoiding psycho assholes online? Good I'll be a safe coward then. I would like to know what I said about urban culture that pissed you off. In my opinion the only thing you know about urban culture is what you read in books or watch on "Good Times." I am done wasting my time with you, ignoramus.