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Topic subjectDamn enter key!
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21755, Damn enter key!
Posted by Wendell, Thu Aug-24-00 11:35 AM
>>What makes you think I am not "urban"? Because I don't say "That's my jawn!!!" or "ish" every 5 seconds?

Actually, that's regional slang. I don't speak that way either, but I'm definately "urban". Your responses and words betray you, they tell the whole internet who you are.

>> You are a little too self-righteous for my taste.


>> You put down people that haven't been here as long as you. Why?

I haven't "put down" anyone. But I will challenge a person who spouts out an opinion as fact when I know damn well they don't know what their talking about. How do you know I've been on the boards for a long time anyway?

>> I would never reveal anything personal about myself on the internet anyway. I have never revealed my race or where I live or any of that, so your assumptions are irrelevant.

To me, that's a sign of cowardice. But I'm willing to bet that my assumptions on you are correct.

>> What do you mean by urban? The ghetto? If that's what you are talking about than I am glad I don't know about that, nor would I ever want to.

But you make unfounded statements about urban culture and assumptions about it's music like you are an expert. If you are gonna listen to the music, at least RESPECT the culture that spawned it.

>>You are not making sense to me.

In all honesty, I'm fucking with you... and having a good time doing it.

>>I am trying to teach you that in many of these posts there is alot of underlying racism and its just wrong. Its bad enough that everyday life is filled with racism, we don't have to put it on a message board where the communication is less direct and easily misunderstood. Why would someone start a post about white people in hip hop unless they were looking to start something?

I think this is covered in the guidelines. Something about the board mirroring the real world.

>>Its all because people have nothing better to do with their time than to think up absurd ideas and then post them.

Talking about issues with a vast number of people with different views is positive, IMHO. How else will you find out what other people think?

>>It doesn't make sense. Okayactivist is not a good name for this forum. No one is being active at all, they are just making bigger problems.

Just like "them" people to start trouble by having a dicussion about the ills of the world. Besides, this thread is not your normal thread on this forum.

>> but I don't pretend to be Martin Luther King and preach to people online like you do.

I didn't realize that I was "preaching". I'm just fucking with you to get a response.

>> You are going to be my teacher? I think I'll drop that class.

And stay ignorant.

So be it. I've had my fun.


Pseudonym-less Wendell