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Topic subjectThat's the spirit!
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21753, That's the spirit!
Posted by Wendell, Thu Aug-24-00 11:00 AM
>What makes you think I am
>not "urban"? Because I
>don't say "That's my jawn!!!"
>or "ish" every 5 seconds?
> You are a little
>too self-righteous for my taste.
> You put down people
>that haven't been here as
>long as you. Why?
> I would never reveal
>anything personal about myself on
>the internet anyway.
> I have never revealed
>my race or where I
>live or any of that,
>so your assumptions are irrelevant.
> What do you mean
>by urban? The ghetto?
> If that's what you
>are talking about than I
>am glad I don't know
>about that, nor would I
>ever want to. You
>are not making sense to
>me. I am trying
>to teach you that in
>many of these posts there
>is alot of underlying racism
>and its just wrong.
>Its bad enough that everyday
>life is filled with racism,
>we don't have to put
>it on a message board
>where the communication is less
>direct and easily misunderstood.
>Why would someone start a
>post about white people in
>hip hop unless they were
>looking to start something?
>Its all because people have
>nothing better to do with
>their time than to think
>up absurd ideas and then
>post them. It doesn't
>make sense. Okayactivist is not
>a good name for this
>forum. No one is
>being active at all, they
>are just making bigger problems.
> They are sitting on
>their asses and typing.
>Sure I am doing the
>same thing as everyone, but
>I don't pretend to be
>Martin Luther King and preach
>to people online like you
>do. You are going
>to be my teacher? I
>think I'll drop that class.