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Posted by janey, Thu Aug-24-00 08:51 AM
I'm your mother.

And like your mother, I'm trying to help you. Today's project is to help you see why people take offense at your posts. I think if you understood your impact you could stop receiving messages that are hostile and at which you take offense.

Let's start with this: It's usually a good idea not to call people names, call them liars or state or clearly imply that they are stupid.

In addition, it's usually a good idea to understand the distinction between an opinion and the truth. In virtually every situation, there's another side to the story and another opinion that's just as valid as yours.

Conversations are based on respect for other people having opinions that are different from yours. If you're not interested in a conversation but are only interested in confrontation, a good way to arrange that is by stating your opinions as if they were facts.