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21737, RE: Aren't you
Posted by Genius, Thu Aug-24-00 08:39 AM
Yeah and I was right. That guy admitted he knew nothing about Nirvana. I didn't say I was going to quote Nirvana, but if I did, I would at least know what the song is about and know the correct lyrics. I didn't say Dylan was a forefather of hip hop, he was out 20 years before hip hop. He was a songwriter who seemed to be rapping in his songs. I just said I have thought about that before and it was interesting. Stop twisting my words around. Its nice you follow everything I say and remember it, it shows you care. Do I care if "HEADZ" ignore me? Nope. I'm not here to make friends or fit in with the "family." It's just a way to ease my boredom at work. Did Arrested Development write that song "Mr. Wendell" about you?