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Topic subjectRE: White people place in Hip-Hop Culture!!
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21729, RE: White people place in Hip-Hop Culture!!
Posted by guest, Wed Aug-23-00 06:37 AM
I think hip-hop is a form of music that should bridge cultures together. I just wanted to get other peoples opinions on it. I think that hip-hop as a music art form still has a long way to go before it accomplises all it can. It is unfortunate that white hip-hop MC's, such as Slim Shady, need to change there style, (from Infinate) in order to gain mainstream reconition. I feel that Slim is very talented but he is pigion-holed in what he can do because of the color of his skin. He has to be a "shock" rapper, a gimic that he has had to adopt only because he was white. If Slim tried to come off like Mos Def or Common, he would not be accepted by either the black or white community. With rappers like Mr.Eon, RA the Rugged Man, etc I feel that white performers are able to mantain street cred, (like 3rd Bass, etc before them) but I do not think mainstream America will every except them the way Slim as been.

"When I perform it's just coffee shop chicks and white dudes" Common
"But know the white kids like it so they tell me I can buy it, but as soon as I get on the mic it's like the night gets silent" Slim Shady