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Topic subjectand the answer is....
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21700, and the answer is....
Posted by guest, Sun Sep-10-00 05:27 PM
as salty-real as the sweat on your brow from the mass activity of brain cells colliding, and as elusive as the definition of love. The many reasons for our collective demise are infinitely soft to the skin like the antebellum Southern breezes during family pic-a-nics/lynchings...

Human Factor-humans are social creatures who are primarily self serving, self sometimes being the individual, or the collective self, a herd of cattle separated from the whole bonded together for preservation. True unity, even amongst people of your plasma, will never exist on a grand scale.
White people in America aren't truly unified except perhaps in their collective deep-seeded angst about indigenous/imported colored creatures, and they still can't decide what to do with us! I take that back, we can sing, perform various acts with a ball, populate the slave-auction prisons, or die in these killing streets...

Class-There is a strata separating negroes from afro-americans from coloreds. Most of us are right at or below the poverty line. Success breeds contempt, and many who do succeed do not want to revisit their roots. Poverty is glorified and despised simultaneously.Riches are sought by any means, and if it means shooting you over a bubblegoose, the sangre will flow!

Intra-Race Bias
Self Denial
Economic Roadblocks

And all those other things I can't mention due to time constraints. However, the most serious thing I perceive is a lack of self-discipline and also hope. I see the proverbial glass half-full, filled by the tears people stuck in the empty half. I refuse to discredit the struggles and sacrifices of my people by always lamenting, always blaming 'the man','my daddy wasn't here for me', 'I have to work 3x as hard as a white boy'.Racism and your black skin have a wonderful marriage, and if it lasted 500 years so far, don't look for any divorce proceedings in the near future. Its here, its infiltrated every sector of your being, its vicious and unforgiving-factor it in, carry the one, and move on...
If some people had half the blessings and opportunities I have and many young people have in this country,our collective situation would be much brighter. I am the result of many hundreds of births and deaths...my seed was sown long ago. I think my umi must know Mos Def, cuz mine says the same thing, 'shine your light'.
Black people will never work it out. Sad but true. Its not a coincidence that Native Americans are even worse off than us. There are many successes in our community, coupled with many failures.We can't save all of our people altho our hearts say otherwise, because some are already too far gone, and some simply don't want to be saved, but if you extend your brown hand, redemption can be salvaged one person at a time.


"...The rooster had gotten horse in his old age, and sometimes his crow was nothing more than a whisper... but atleast that muthafucka tried!"
-Walter Mosely, Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned