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Topic subjectbefore i get jumped on
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21695, before i get jumped on
Posted by BooDaah, Sat Sep-09-00 09:21 AM
let me say that in asking these questions and telling my little stories, I am merely relating my personal experiences and trying to gain enlightenment regardinng the reason why islam is supposedly "the only way" Black folk are going to get themselves together. in no way am i blaming the belief for the actions of it's followers (that is a whole different thread).

frankly i honestly believe that ONE thing we need to do is look beyond our ideological differents (relion for example) and actively work on that which is a common goal (our overall uplift as a people). this goes back to a statement i made before about realizing that while we may not agree on how to get there we should at least work TOGETHER where we can so we both reach the final endpoint.

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