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Topic subjectthe reason i ask is because
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21693, the reason i ask is because
Posted by BooDaah, Fri Sep-08-00 02:17 PM
>>Not to sound bias but Islam
>>is the only solution,

first, i'll tell you a couple of true stories:
a couple of years ago i was sitting talking with my sister's now-deceased husband about islam. i asked him about something i had heard regarding the fact that there are muslims who believe that if you are not a follower of islam that you should be put to death (basically asking if this were true or not, orthodox or not). he basically said that yes this was true. i said does that mean that because I (the brother of his wife and uncle of his two sons) wasn't islamic that I too should die. he said that ultimately the answer is yes, but that because I was a "good person" that he doesn't believe it applied to me. now this very same man (whom i respected) would prech islam from here to there, but ultimately died young leaving my sister to raise two hellion boys via circumstances that were completely avoidable (he smoked himself into a grave, literally).

atlanta, 1992. the day after the rodney king riots in the atlanta university center. the student body decided to have a candleight vigil to protes the court decision. we were to march from our respective campus chapels to the libary which is near the center of the center. the atlanta polic had other ideas based upon events of the previous day (some people from the projects in the auc are had looted downtown atl, and the cops chased them back to the area. as a result they decided to stamp out any public displays of dissatisfaction -- using force if necessary). anyway as you could imagine when you have such a charged environment, all hell broke loose. students vs atl police. after getting our a$$es kicked for several hours (including being bumrushed like sheep into campus buildings where we were barricaded so they could throw tear gas inside), i remember thinking: for several years I have been going to school here, and not a day has passed when these campuses weren't dripping with bow-tie wearing brothers hawking final calls and bean pies. everyday they would scream to high heaven about a coming revolution, and the need for Black folks to stand up for their rights and protecct themselves (using an eye for an eye type violence if that was what was being used against us). throughout the whole incident with the cops i didn't see one bow tie from the mosque which was less than 5 minutes away. even after it was over and the auc students were being blasted in the press at no time did i see any of those folk with whom i had spent many an hour discussing the "Plight of the Black Race (tm)".

now my point in telling these stories is not to imply that islam is "bad" in any way, but to simply state that in all my experiences with muslim brothers and sisters, that ultimatly they stike me as a group no different that any other people following a particular path to glory. again, i'm not picking (or implying anything either), i just want you to explain how islam is the "only" way in light of the fact that i can turn on the news right now and show you several places where Black muslims are just as bad off as anyone else (again, pleasse don't take this as an attack on islam, because that is completely not my intention).
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