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Topic subjectRE: BooDah, we refuse our herritage
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21692, RE: BooDah, we refuse our herritage
Posted by BooDaah, Fri Sep-08-00 01:56 PM
>and we wanna be like Dwight

do we? really? i don't. explain.

>Not to sound bias but Islam
>is the only solution,

really? why the ONLY? how?

>but how many negroes are willing
>to sacrifice ans submit?
>are you?

here's the rub isn't it? to what lengths are any of us willing to sacrifice? in my case I beleive that my survival/well-being is far bigger than my house/job/whatever material. now on the other hand, i have a wife to consider. would i saacrifice HER happiness (or my mothers for another example? i dunno. what about YOU? whee is YOUR line of questionable demarcation?

>look in the mirror, the problem
>lies there.

me? interesting. to a certain degree i might be inclined to agree (in the sense that there are times when my desire to see my people overcome is secondary to the wellbeing of those in my immediate family as described above). or are you speaking to me specifically? elaborate...

BooDaah-OkayActivist Moderator
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