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21688, RE: I agree, but........
Posted by nappiness, Sat Sep-09-00 09:38 AM
money don't mean ish.....for example i was raised on free cheese and government food. when i was younger we were 'po'. but my thinking, my mindset, my spirit wasn't poor. although we were poor my mother found programs, activities, etc. etc. etc. for me to be involved in. so i don't give a freak what your socio-economic status is, your mentality doesn't have to be the same. it's not about if you surround yourself with rich or poor folks that's just the shell of a person but what are their hope, dreams, aspirations. and if you are surrounded by underachievers it is yo job to show them the light and show them that they can strive to change their condition.
that reminds me of when the equal housing laws were passed and all of the 'affluent' Black folks let their neighborhoods for a piece of the white and suburbia pie leaving all of the 'havenots' in the ghetto/hood. many of these folks ain't looked back yet to go back and help those they left behind out. not that's some bullshit

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