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Topic subjectI agree, but........
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21687, I agree, but........
Posted by guest, Mon Sep-04-00 06:55 AM
I go down to LA jus about every week to go to Crenshaw and see a show called Project Blowed, and its on Crenshaw, which is hella ghetto, basically black folk for miles. Now, I dont live there, I live in a mostly white, suburb of Los Angeles. There is a fair amount of black people, but no ghettos by any stretch of the imagination, although many would make you believe that.

So anyways. I was thinkin bout it the last time I was up there, and its like damn, look where all these people are livin? Cops all over the place, patrollin, you seein em every few minutes, whereas where I live, you barely see any at all. Also, jus the general attitude.

One thing Ive learned over the years from working, etc. is that pretty much you are who you kick it with. See, I kick it with people who are going places. About all my close friends, have plans for their lives, are going to college, blah blah blah, etc. But, at many of my jobs, Ive met working class people, who are stuck in my town basically having to feed for their kids off minimum wage. And they seem to know every one of the people that comes in thats in the same boat.

Its wierd for me to see people like that because Ive never been around underachievers, so I naturally have a drive and most importantly, the CONFIDENCE that I will succeed. But had I been raised around a totally different environment, one that maybe didnt seem so positive, I might be those underachievers that I know at my job, and thats all I would know. Sure, theres always the story of the kid from the ghetto defying the odds and going to Harvard, and becoming a lawyer, but thats the exception, not the rule. And its a normal achievement in a place like where I am.

Its jus our environment.... I dont know. Im rambling, once again analyzing while forgetting a solution. You guys find one.... Im out, peace. Kamikazee

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