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Topic subjectRE: That's ironic you should bring that up
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21678, RE: That's ironic you should bring that up
Posted by nappiness, Sat Sep-09-00 09:22 AM
of course, history is so relavent. some Black folks wanna remove themselves from the past. but u can't remove yourself and break the vicious cycle until u understand and deal with the past.
the effects of slavery ain't just some ole theoretical ish that Black scholars came up with. the Black family has been strained since slavery and how we interact we each other is also as the result of slavery. Willie Lynch's 'divide and conquer' tactic was brillant and we are still falling prey to the madness of self-hate and intra-racial conflicts.
like i use to tell Black folks on my college campus it is so interesting how we are followed around the stores, women clutch their purses when we approach, administrators try to shut down our cultural center but as an unified front we didn't attack back; but whenever a phi beta looked at a kappa the 'perceived' wrong way then it's a rumble. why not fight the establishement, fight against the injustices that happened on that predomiately white campus.

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