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Topic subjectThat's ironic you should bring that up
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21675, That's ironic you should bring that up
Posted by Ailyha, Fri Sep-01-00 08:26 AM
Becuz I was vibin with a friend of mine and she was reading some slave narratives for a class...and i think it is important to look back on our past (slavery, civil rights, all that good stuff) b/c some of us can deny it but it is all a part of us.
But anyway, I was thinking could all of the pain and suffering that our past descendants went thru could be passed to us genetically? Just think of all the slaves who suffered from depression and split personalities (to disassociate from horrible physical and sexual abuse), and any other mental problem.
Is it easier to blame the White man or the way our descendants handled their problems?? Why can't some people talk about race issues without getting emotional? i really think there is an emotional and mental tie to anguish and confusion that Black folks are going thru. Could that be holding us down?
And also, my friend was saying how on the slave ships, (as her professor was explaining to the class) how the women were savagely raped and separated from the men, and once they got to firm ground, the men were so ashamed of them, there was a rift between them...could these be the budding problems of Black men and women relationship problems? Are our Black men ashamed at us b/c we don't seem loyal? Do we distance ourselves from Black men b/c we don't think they are there to support us emotionally?

Could i be on to something? :7
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