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Topic subjectRE: my point is:
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21674, RE: my point is:
Posted by CNOTE, Thu Sep-07-00 09:38 AM
>the world is effed up, and
>nobody owes you me or
>us jack. why SHOULDN'T
>those in power opress, suppress,
>depress those on whom their
>superiority is based? sure, fair
>is far, but so what?
>who said life was fair?

word I agree shits hard enough as is and folks think that because there are a couple of laws that say that black folks are ok now-that everything is alright-if I was white I would be trying to get over too, cause even those who don't believe in anything believe what goes around comes around-unfortunately we had some prosperity and gotten lazy-and when we do get angry we only hurt ourselves(i.e:riots and sensless violence against each other)

hell we invented the most powerful form music of in the world(hip-hop)and for the first time and all we can use it for is to talk about some superficial shit-

black folks we are wasting our shit