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Topic subjectRE: Strategies for shackled relays
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21673, RE: Strategies for shackled relays
Posted by nappiness, Sat Sep-09-00 09:11 AM
as usual i'm gonna come from an education perspective. my strategy, is continue to educate the kids.
fact: the u.s. education system wasn't created for us or by but it has served to keep us down.
personal strategy: so what i do
a.i acknowledge that the system is fucked up and has always been; there has never been equity in education. for me it was very imp. that i acknowlege that even with 'school reform' the system is still inadequate for poor Black students(my focus is for those from low ses-socio-economic status)b/c the system is based upon systematic/institutionalized racism. revolutionary acts need to take place not no reformatory acts.
b.i help these little crumb snatchers. like i've said before i have kids who come to my after failing SEVERAL times, that shoudln't happen. i can't help the world but i can help these kids one by one.
c. b/c in chicago u can get straight A's but if u don't do well on the standarized test u will not go to the next grade. so i teach the kids test taking skills. so that until there's a revolution in education at least they can do as the 'romans while in rome'.

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