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21672, personal strategies
Posted by BooDaah, Mon Sep-04-00 10:20 AM
first of all i never lose sight of the goal. rather than worry about how hard the race IS, i keep progressing so i won't be overtaken.


using the knowledge i've gained for something other than a check. if i learn something i think it should be SHARED so the next won't have to repaeat my same mistakes. example. i have a degree in computer science. rather than use that knowledge for a corporation who only care about e till i become obsolete i share that knowledge with others who don't have the opportunity i had to get that degree (free computer seminars, classes, utoring, etc).

second, i operate on the "two heads" theory. i find folk who are likeminded about the goals and vision i have and we work TOGETHER. i thnk of all the intelligent minds who have different experiences and skills who i've come across. why be seperated and go let others pimp us, when we can join together and have something that is OURS?

third, i respect other folks opinions and let them fight their battles. as long as what they are trying to do doesn't hurt me, mine, or the ones's i'm ultimately trying to help, i don't knock anyones hustle. as lng as the goal is the same, i let those that choose to follow another path do their thing (as well as keeping a channel open by which we can work together directly as situations dictate).

also I operate in the long term. the work i do now, will (hopefully) help my descendants so they don't have to struggle as hard as i did. i may not be the direct recipient of any "good works" that i do, but rather than consume all the harvest i plant seeds that hopefully will be harvested long after i'm nothing more than a memory.

i could go on forever, but ultimately this is a topic i want to save for the roundtable discussion at the next reunion (God willing that i be there).

BooDaah-OkayActivist Moderator
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