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Topic subjectgood question/short answer
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21670, good question/short answer
Posted by wbgirl, Fri Sep-01-00 06:33 PM
>which is more important:
>asking for the chains to be
>released or running with them
>on if thats what we
>have to do?

this question is so powerful on so many different levels. my "i'ma try and make it back to this post later" answer is that i think a lot of us are running with the chains on.

a quasi-parallel just struck me b/t the chains you mentioned and the "bags" ms. badu sings about. sometimes you can't cut the chains or drop the bags...you just have to keep moving in spite of and "see what the end's gonna be" like that old spiritual says.

just sayin'. :-)

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september as ol' school quote month:
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