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Topic subjectI feel you, Baby
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21669, I feel you, Baby
Posted by nushooz, Fri Sep-01-00 09:01 AM

What can we say though?
Yes, the world is effed up....It's SOOOO Unfair that we be treated as "the least"......The Playing field is not level.....Blah, Blah, Blah but YOURE RIGHT: We can either sit on the side lines or PLAY in the uniform we've been issued! Dammitt!
>at what point do we feed into the idea of being
>our own enemy?
Boy, this is a familiar aurgument for me. It was not long ago that I said that we were are own worst enemies and it turned into an aurgment about societal unfairness and Freeway Rick when ALL I wanted was for US to take responsibility FOR US! Dammitt!

>why ASSIST those who keep you down?
Some folk don't realize that they are a part of the PROBLEM - remember: either you a part of the problem or you are a part of the solution. That's simple to me. Do drugs sales (on either end) make you a part of the solution or the problem? Does having your ass hanging out in a video make you a part of the problem or the solution? Does exposing your children to foul language and behavior make you a part of the problem or the solution. FOR ME the answers are PLAIN! But for others????? There is NO REASON for the purposely "assisting" but ignorance denotes otherwise.

>which is more important: asking for the chains to be released or running with them on if thats what we have to do?
I'll say it again: Run, Nigga, run! Dammitt! (yeah, I said it!)

>at what point will we learn
>that appealing to anothers sense
>of guilt or empathy or
>"righteousness" is pointless?
>i wish somebody would seriously help
>me out.
Man, Boo, you ain't the person that really needs the help. You've been designated as the "helper" This time has been ordained for you to pull others up. Hell yeah! I said it. "Pull up" because to think that the world owes you or that the government is the master of your fate puts you in a "down" position and YOU NEED TO B PULLED UP! You know better, Boo and so now it's your responsibility to educate/share with others. Don't get stopped on YOUR road to Damascus!

Much Love & Much Respect Infinitely to you....a Brother I have NEVER met but my life remains enriched by your inclusion!

Live from the Shoe Sto'

I,I, I Can't Wait!