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Posted by Ailyha, Fri Sep-01-00 08:32 AM
Dag boodah, all those questions can be overwhelming and such a strong sense of anguish in your post.
There's a lot to think about with all those questions b/c some Black folks hate to believe their own people will do them wrong. i think it all goes back to human nature. There are just messed up folks.
And i also believe that some black folk are in a state of complacency b/c they feel like there's nothing to struggle for. We got the right to vote (but we don't utilize it), we got good jobs now (but we don't even keep the money in our communities...statistics say that black folks have money in their communities for 6 hours, compared to 4 days in chinese comm.), we can go to public schools now (and that ish is going down hill b/c it seems like so many are not valuing an education).
Black folk, we've lost our sense of struggle and the game is still going. now it's just psychological. There are no physical barriers holding us back, so what's our excuse now.
Boo-Dah, i don't know if i answered your questions but that's how i feel on some things


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