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Topic subjectwho god bless no man curse!
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21661, who god bless no man curse!
Posted by nebt_het, Mon Sep-11-00 04:28 AM
as i have not been present for the previous hearings i have no idea and wasnt briefed on the issues but i do have a question to pose the the jury and council alike

how is it that you have these religions and holy books that date 4,000 years for islam 6-10 thousand years for judism and christianity yet we have scientist who have discovered artifacts datin back to 4 and 5 million years ago are the scientist liars? or are we being swendled into Belief systems as a product of control and seperation?
did dinosaurs exist?
did the holy books of today mirror image the ancient texts of the sumerians and egyptians?
does the modern day time era deem it mandatory to adopt religion to gain awareness of the creator did civilizations b4 no not the source?
if so by what means?
would those means discredit the foundation od religion as we know it?
do extrterestrials exist? does the holy books speak on them? if so does that make jesus and muhammad aliens? who are the god of the aliens?
does god need religion?
whos god is responsible for the atrocities that plagued cultures and countries then and today?

then ask yourself do you believe and have faith cuz you really dont know but wanna feel the security of something instead of nothing?

oh let me introduce myself i am the seat holder of the ancient order of melcheidek and board memember of the universal council of interplantary relations.

and you where sayin?

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