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Topic subjectREX IN EFFECTS!!!!
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21657, REX IN EFFECTS!!!!
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-08-00 11:30 AM
"The same can be said for any government" (Rex)

--that is SO hard, man. Represent that.

ALSO, I thank you with my highest praise for stepping into this discussion and making it something worth reading.


I feel you on some of these vibes, sure. Dogmas in general, whether religious, political or social tend to fall into the biases of the practicioners.

But that's where the curiosity lies. Because Dogmas in practice, are living things, which are defined by and cultivated by those who identify with and practice them.

I forget who (not that the name matters, but just the thought, really) but this theologian discussed three concepts:

Christianity - following teachings of christ
Christendom - everything that has to do with christianity, all people, places, events, actions
Xtianity - ...i forget, either hard cats or wack cats

ANYWAY... everything that makes up Christendom is what people react to. There is a tangible thing that is Christianity--the following of the teachings of Christ. Not all Christians, historically have even worshiped Jesus or thought him the Messiah--merely followed his teachings, been his disciples, so to speak.

In the US, alot of cats identify themselves as Christian, without knowing what that implies--letting love of Christ in variety and the following Jesus' teachings variety. Most cats just identify with Christianity as if it's a club or something that doesn't require anything of the self.

These cats are all a part of Christendom. Regardless of whether they speak for Christian philosophies or the teachings of Christ. And Christendom viewed as a whole, tends to be a very whack thing. On the positive note, it gives some people a sense of balance or purpose. On the negative note, it justifies all kinds of b/s and has little philosophical grounding--more of a fan club than a real following at times.

Does this matter? Yes, because all of Christendom justify their views through bibical obscurities, or through other pseudo-religious justifications.

This is where the discussion abstract of "Christianity" comes from. Discussing Christendom.

IF you substitute one word, does that make it eastier for some cats.

... perhaps?

Is it necessary?


Because anyone who really gave a damn about discussing anything would UNDERSTAND without needing to complain like a little punk-ass that "oh, we think you're mean!" and all that crap.

It was obvious the minute I turned on my computer what the purpose of this post was. And the same three or four cats never got it. They still don't. And they decided to attack me the minute I stepped in.


Perhaps they're sad. Perhaps they're "dinner-table" activists. And they perhaps don't have anything to say.

Who knows? I predict this much:

there is a 95% chance that i will be attacked again and for what?

there is a 99% chance that they'll go on never asking themselves why certain things are their fault

there is a 89% chance they'll never accept their share of responsibility for when things go foul on these boards, and a 99% chance that if they do they'll try to diminish it and say something like "fine, well screw you, i accept it--let's just move on" or something to that accords because they don't really want to grow as people

there is a 30% chance of rain in indiana

there is a 60% chance i'm turning this computer off soon

and a 100% chance that i send y'all

much love and respect.