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21656, The Argument
Posted by RexLongfellow, Thu Sep-07-00 10:23 PM
Whassup man...
I'm gonna try to answer this without getting any Bible teachings involved so...

>1)Not representing the true teachings of
>the Prophet Jesus
You can't blame the religion on that, you blame the teachers...if the evidence is there, and people are distorting that, than that's not the religion, more so the wicked people that use religion to get what they want.
>2)Being a vehicle to enslave and
>pacify millions of Africas in
>the Western hemispere
That's not a bad argument, but on the same token, there were millions of slaves for every religion, and throughout history, religion is the largest cause for wars. Africans were slaved before Christianity. Like I said above, you can't blame the religion for people distorting it to their advantage.

>3)Being a vehicle to pacify, colonize,
>and westernize non-white people throughout
>the globe, with no respect
>for indegenous cultures and religions.
The same thing(s) happened in Ancient China and Japan, and most of them I believe were Buddists, or some branch of Buddhism
>4)Being sexist an exclusionary to women
>from the Genesis fairy tale
>to prohibition of women in
>leadership roles of the clergy,
>as well as presenting God
>as a male figure.
That's not just Christianity though. Every religion shows the male as being the God-like figure. Some Islamic peoples make women cover their faces in the presence of men, and in my opinion, that's the most sexist thing I've seen.

>5)Being a tool to rationalize servitude
>in the fuedal and slavery
Basically my argument is being repeated...like I said before, it's not the religion, it's the representatives of the religion. Mostly all religions were used for selfishness, whether it be to take over a nation, or otherwise.

>6)Being a tool to supress revolutionary
>practices, by promising a better
>afterlife while one suffers through
>this one, thereby selling desparate
>people a bag of dope
>oh! i mean hope.
The same can be said for any government

>7)Being a tool to keep people
>from finding strength in one
>self, but to find strenghth
>in a mystery God in
>the sky that will make
>everything OK, thereby creating a
>focus on the external as
>opposed to the internal (i.e.
I take two stands on this...I somewhat agree with the first part of the statement, as most religions emphasize the importance of the Supreme Being, and to put him ahead of all else. But I disagree because the most cardinal sin in every religion is not loving thyself...therefore for one to be truly religious or spiritual, loving thyself is vital.

>8)Being a accomplice in the underdevelopment
>of the non-western world.
I blame that moreso on corrupt governments than one single religion.

>9)Being racist and ethno-centrist in the
>forced conversion of non-white peoples,
>in the name of so-called
>misionary purposes under the idea
>they are civilizing savages.
That wasn't just Christianity...that was an entire European way of life. They manipulated the basis of the religion to basically rob and rape the continent of Africa. Since Europe didn't understand any of the religions of Africa, they did what they saw fit.

>10)Using fear of eternal damnation to
>ensure faith as opposed to
>spiritual enlightenment.
Like I said before, Christianity is not the only religion that does this...for the most part ALL religions do this, so if you attack Christianity with this, you have to attack every other religion that speaks this.

>11)Having no basis to the natural
>world. How can a way
>of life be completely bankrupt
>of science the study of
The Shrouds of Toren have the face of the man believed to be Jesus Christ on them. There has been bits and pieces of evidence that supports some of the things discussed in the Bible.
Besides, that's a whole lot more believable than having a star explode and magically create life on only one planet in the solar system...that's more farfetched than the Bible.

Just some things on my brain...feel free to attack them