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Topic subjecthere's hoping this makes sense...
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21654, here's hoping this makes sense...
Posted by wbgirl, Thu Sep-07-00 08:07 AM
yes. christianity has faults. there...i said it and i'm a "believer". i can say it b/c i know that man (and woman) has faults and as we all know, christianity is a "man-made" religion. name me one religion that hasn't had its share of problems and i'll consider it my lesson for the day.

i think one of the reasons why we (and i'm including myself in this particular "we") get easily offended is b/c our religion is the one that's _seemingly_ always under attack. i'm pretty sure i'm not the only christian on this board that's read a little and realized that yes, some things that go on in the name of christ are effed up.

it's funny b/c the first thing that popped in my head after i read this was boodaah's "don't be a sheep" line. it's way too easy to criticize something on the basis of "i'm trying to open your eyes why can't you see that things are effed up?!?!?!?". it's a little more difficult, though, to plot out a plan of attack (whether it be on an individual or collective level) to determine if something needs to be fixed and if do, how does one go about fixing it?

and maybe that's what we need to start doing...accepting the fact that yes, shyt is broken and starting to determine if it's worth fixing.

more later, maybe...:-)

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