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Topic subjectRE: Order in the court,Christianity on Trial!
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21651, RE: Order in the court,Christianity on Trial!
Posted by illosopher, Fri Sep-08-00 11:36 AM
i'm just curious, were u raped by a priest or something or was yo daddy a good for nuthin preacher. no, in all seriousness is your hostility towards religion or is it towards those who have misused and abused religion?

Look my ancestors were misused and abused by cats waving swords, guns, bibles, and crosses.
Most hostility isn't toward religions it is about what some religions do, pacify the people,
When Black people were slaves White people used to tell us we'll have our pie in the sky, i'm noit feeling that, i hav e to accept that Christianity in the Western World has always been to a tool of pacification if you can't accept you are in the dark. Me personally i don't a man or woman needs another human to tell them how to approach spirituality. For all you cats talking about me forcing something on you, You obviously have had something forced on yoou all your life.

and insults get you no where. for me, i get sick and damn tired of folks getting some education and reading a book and all of a sudden they hate religion. academia, bohemian lifestyle, or higher educations does not equate to anti-religion.

I've never been a fan of religion i was raised atheist now i study Taoism and the Art of Peace as well as Traditional African faiths and Native American faiths, these ideals are based on nature andn oneness of all, they are based on devotion to all living things not devotion to a supernatural comic book hero...
astly,you have ranted on and on in post after post about religion and race being a social construct. r u waiting for folks to agree with you or what. hell, i hear ya and i understand what u r saying but that doesn't mean i am going to agree no matter how many times you make your anti-race and anti-religion posts.

Look you can continue to live Matrix kid, that's you i'm just enlighhten you a bit, like those before me, take the blue pill if want to...